SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Respect for the environment

Economic efficiency

Respect for the environment

Création de valeur durable
The environmentally responsible use of energy is a concern of ours and we use resources rationally, taking care not to waste them. We limit our discharges and recycle our waste. We do this to reduce our environmental impact.


We have been committed for a long time to reducing our impact on the environment by reducing our waste. So we sort all our rejects to limit the amount taken for disposal: wood, cardboard, plastics, etc. are resold and recycled.

Production rejects of our PVC films are completely recyclable: internally, we recycle over 50% and the rest is sold to recycling firms.

  • 99% of our rejects can be recycled internally or externally

We have had a shredding shop since 2014 to increase recycling opportunities while ensuring complete quality and traceability.

In some cases, we can also take the production rejects of our customers or subcontractors.

We are also developing ranges of recycled products: waterproofing film, soil protection, etc.

Recycling process

Sorting production rejects

Shredding materials