Our vinyls can have many technical applications: ventilation ducts, dielectric insulation or nuclear protection.

Engineered films

Whether in a niche or a high volume market, you sometimes have technical requirements that are off the beaten track. Since 1957, CGT ALKOR has had the research and development capacity to innovate and to provide what you need.

For example, from our work on formulations we can offer cold, heat or fire resistance; we can optimise chemical compatibilities with your adhesives, provide bacterial resistance or high dimensional stability.

Our know-how and our industrial laminating facility provide added value to your products when lining our PVC films with PET, polyester, non-woven, textile, etc. supports.

Nuclear protection

For over 20 years, CGT ALKOR has been working in partnership with the nuclear industry to provide films for making whole-body personal protective clothing in nuclear plant (ventilated or unventilated).
Our films are also used for confining specific areas (wall and floor protection).

These high-end products are the fruit of highly complex know-how meeting the strict requirements of the nuclear market in terms of performance and protection from radiation, weldability and user comfort.

For all our product families, we develop new formulations on demand with the properties, finishes and colours you want.