Films for projection screens and cinema screens.


With our Première Films range, available from stock, you can procure films for screens quickly and in small quantities: front and retro projection and laminated products for perfect occultation. This range has been developed to offer you a wide choice of highly varied screens in colours, opacities, surface textures and gain.

Made to measure screens

As they are used in public places, our films have excellent fire resistant properties meeting the international standards in force.

Appropriate procedures are used during production and when the films are rolled in order to obtain optimum flatness.

The Gain or luminescence factor is a measure of the amount of light reflected by the screen at a given angle. This factor influences the quality of the image according to the environment. Our laboratory gives an indicative value of gain for each of our products.

For all our product families, we develop new formulations on demand with the properties, finishes and colours you want.