We have a range of 8 liner and membrane colours used in the manufacture of swimming pools.

Swimming pool products

The PVC-P pool coating system provides an ideal finish to your swimming pools, from both an aesthetic and a technical point of view.

Our liners and reinforced membranes have been developed to comply with standards NT T54-803-2 and NF EN 15836-2.

  • Liners:

We offer pool liners in your choice of colour in a thickness of 0.75 mm.

  • Reinforced membranes:

Composed of a reinforced mesh in laminated polyester between two flexible PVC liners, our reinforced membrane is completely waterproof in your pools and provides better stability.

Anti-slip surfaces

To make your swimming pool steps or children’s areas safe, we have created a highly structured texture with very effective anti-slip properties.

Varnished liners and membranes

Our liner and membrane products can be varnished.

The varnish layer will ensure longer life for your swimming pools and will protect the membrane from UV rays and various spillages (sun creams, food stains, etc.).

For all our product families, we develop new formulations on demand with the properties, finishes and colours you want.