Engineered vinyl used for graphic art: ensigns, signage, vehicle marking, total covering, industrial projects (aeronautics, transport, etc.)

Decoration and visual communication

By varying the formulation we can adapt the properties of our film to the specific requirements of our customers: quality of cutting, printability, short life films, UV resistance, resistance to high/low temperatures, monomeric, polymeric, etc.

Applications are highly varies: bus, train, aircraft and lorry decoration, advertising panels, indoor and outdoor signage, floor marking, shop window decoration, banners, etc.

We produce a white vinyl film for digital printing. We can also produce colours to order.We can also

We now offer 9 different textures: more or less glossy, more or less textured according to the desired surface appearance.

Ensigns & shop windows

Our frosted vinyl film can be used for protecting and decorating your windows.

The product is easy to cut and apply, both indoors and outdoors.

Car Covering

Our products are also used in the car sector. We produce the colours of your choice for your car covering product lines.

Protective film

We offer a translucent film to cover and protect your photos, your prints (floor, wall, window marking, signage, etc.).

For all our product families, we develop new formulations on demand with the properties, appearance and colours you require.