[Ceiling Floor Decoration]

Decorative vinyl, used for making stretch ceilings, false ceilings and floor coatings.

Stretch ceilings

We develop customised vinyls to your choice of finish and colour and complying with the standards in force.

Our printable films leave you free to create and/or complete a range of stretch ceilings reflecting your image.

Today we offer 4 different textures, the 2 most popular being:

  • Our “glossy” texture with a lacquered effect, which will lend an original touch to rooms.
  • Our “matt” texture which will provide a sober, modern look to your interior decoration.

Our products have excellent fire resistance and comply with European standards (Bs-d0, Bs2-d0, M1, etc.)

Bio-pruf translucent film: This formula with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties is mainly used in the hospital sector. This film is printable.

Suspended ceilings

We produce semi-rigid vinyl that can be laminated with other materials such as plasterboard for making suspended ceilings.

Semi-rigid vinyl is a good alternative to rigid paper or vinyl as it is easier to lay and clean.

Today we offer 5 textures more or less structured according to your preference.

Our products can be fireproofed and/or have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


We are also specialised in the production of protective vinyl films for floors.

We offer wear layers and surface layers in various thicknesses to match your traffic.

  • Our wear layers laid on your floors protect your decoration.
  • Our surface layers can be printed on the reverse side.

Our films are UV-resistant and slip and scratch proof.

Composition of a vinyl floor complex

  1. Protective film (wear layer)
  2. Printed film (surface layer)
  3. Under-layer
For all our product families, we develop new formulations on demand with the properties, finishes and colours you want.