RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Development of custom formulations

Our research and development laboratory, with a dozen engineers and technicians qualified in plastics processing, create and develop custom engineered films to meet your requirements and ensure that our products comply with the standards in force.

While the product is being developed and during quality monitoring, our sales administration, marketing and technical departments partner our customers, listening to their requirements.

Our skills and the technical equipment in our research and development laboratory are at your disposal. With our expertise, we can develop the best solution for your project.

  • Development of custom solutions for a wide variety of markets
  • Expertise in fireproof products (stretch ceilings, cinema screens, etc.)
  • Colorimetric skills in colour dispersion (over 2000 formulations developed)
  • Development of formulas that resist aggressive content
  • Analysis of composition, surface state and fire behaviour in collaboration with specialised laboratories.

Over the last few years, most of the effort of our research and development laboratory has been directed to the development of calendered polymeric films with superior technical properties.

Focus 1

Developing plastified and fireproof PVC films.

Focus 2

Improving the surface properties of PVC films aesthetic purposes.

Focus 3

Improving the mechanical, physico-chemical and weldability properties of calendered PVC films.

Focus 4

Reducing the environmental impact of calendered PVC films