Who are we ?

CGT ALKOR is a company specialising in the formulation of engineered vinyl film by calendering. In our human-scale factory we make high quality custom products to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

CGT ALKOR covers 8 business sectors:

  • CDF [Ceiling Floor Decoration]
    Decorative vinyl, used for making stretch ceilings, false ceilings and floor coatings.
  • COAT
    Engineered vinyl used for graphics: decorating trains, buses, aircraft and shop window coatings.
    Films for coatings of show sets and dance studios.
  • PACK
    We are leaders in the packaging market and we make engineered vinyl for non-food liquid eco-refill products (bleach, softeners, cosmetics).
  • POOL
    We have a range of 8 liner and membrane colours used in the manufacture of swimming pools.
    We offer vinyl liners in various thicknesses for dams, ponds, canals, water retention tanks, etc.
    Films for projection screens and cinema screens.
  • TECH
    Our vinyls can have many technical applications: pipework, thermal insulation of boilers or nuclear protection.

60 years’ experience…

Our 8 product families have been developed and manufactured in our production facility in Liancourt (Oise) in France for 60 years. With this long experience, we have been able to develop highly complex know-how: formulation and calendering.

CGT ALKOR make sure this know-how is kept and passed on to the new generations by investing in professional training to ensure our teams are qualified.

CGT ALKOR continually strives to be at the spearhead of technology and development through industrial investment to offer ever more innovatory products.